The products from the power series strengthen the body, increase explosiveness and stimulate muscle buildup (hypertrophy).

In this series we find the following products:
- Adaptosir
- Creabol
- Amino+



Pure whey protein with high amounts of BCAA’s are ideal to use when a full recovery drink isn’t necessary (like after short training sessions, recovery training sessions). In these cases the body needs extra protein but not the extra carbohydrates. AMINO+ is made up of 100% amino acid peptides from whey protein isolate. Moreover a perfect food supplement in our otherwise common sugar rich and protein poor eating pattern. Ideal after recovery training, power training and on resting days.

Package: Pots with 120 capsules
Dosage: 4 to 6 per day, during a meal or after training/ race

amino+ ingredients.JPG


During though mental periods or during intensive training blocks it’s important to bring the body back in HORMONAL BALANCE, also called HOMEOSTASIS. The adaptogenic ingredients, maca, rhodiola, rosea, black pepper, in co-operation with phosfatedylserine have an anabolic effect (performance enhancing) on the muscles and improve STRESS RESISTANCE. Adaptosir is used to treat OVERTRAINING and BURN OUT. Athletes that experience more intense stress before a race can take Adaptosir several days before the race.

Package: boxes with 30 or 60 capsules
Dosage: 1 per day 1 hour before a training or race

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To enhance the explosivity or to enhance the maximal power of a short explosive exertion, we have to take a creatine supplement. This is best done with an energy / recovery drink , because then you are satisfying the need for both carbohydrates and protein. Moreover, these carbohydrates add to transporting the CREATINE to the muscles. Use one portion one hour before training and one portion afterwards, for a period of two to three weeks.

Flavour: Tropical
Package: Pot of 1kg
Dosage: 1 portion (33g = 1.5 scoop) 1 hour before training and 1 portion directly after the training

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