The performance products increase the efficiency of physical efforts with caffeine and beta-alanine, together with water and glucose, which has been scientifically proven to be a legal improvement on performace.

In this series we find the following products:
- Perform+
- Lactosir



The component of LACTOSIR, beta-alanine, increases our natural LACTIC ACID BLOCKER in the muscles and inhibits the acidification. LACTOSIR is performance-enhancing because it helps break down lactic acid faster. Should be taken in a treatment of ideally 6-8 weeks. During this treatment take 4-5 capsules spread over the day. After 4 weeks, the performance improvement will already be felt. When the intake is stopped after 8 weeks, the performance improvement continues to be felt for several weeks. Follow this treatment a maximum of twice a year.

Package: Pots with 120 capsules
Dosage: 4 to 5 during the day, 6 – 8 weeks

lactosir ingredients.JPG


Competition supplement for increased performance with caffeine, rhodiola rosea, DL-phenylanalin, L-carnitine, CoQ10 and taurine. Daily systematic use of caffeine is harmful to health. That is why there is no caffeine in the drinks or gels at Trisport Pharma, but we have developed PERFORM +. Rhodiola Rosea gives an improved endurance capacity (increased Vo2max), acetyl-L-carnitine plays an important role in the energy supply of the muscles so that you perform better.

Caffeine has, in the right dose, a number of performance-enhancing benefits:
• More adrenalin release;
• The pain threshold increases, you can go deeper;
• Increased calcium release, smoother muscle contraction;
• Improved absorption of the sugars;
• Improved lung function.

Package: Box with 30 capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule 45 minutes to 1 hour before a race. If the race takes 3h +, take 1 more capsule after 2h

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