The endurance products ensure that the energy level in our body stays up to standard and we supplement fluid shortages so that our endurance is optimal.

In this series we find the following products:
- Erythromax
- Hydra Max
- Energy Drink
- Energy Gel ratio 2:1
- Goji Energy Bar
- Energy Gel ratio 2:1 + caffeine



When our IRON is low, we are more easily fatigued and we lack energy in general. Especially women (blood loss from menstruation) and young people suffer from iron deficiencies. The intake of iron as a bisglycinate is very important, especially when combined with a correctly dosed amount of VITAMINE B COMPLEX. The TAURINE makes sure intake is very high. The high dose of 250mg CHLORELLA (Chlorophyll) STABALIZES THE HAEMATOCRIT VALUE. The haematocrit value can drop due to heavy trainings and competitions, which has a negative impact on performance.

Package: boxes with 30 or 60 capsules
Dosage: 1 per day 1 hour before a training or race

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Hydra max lemon-pineapple.jpg

Hydra Max

A sports drink to be used DURING the exertion has to meet a few key requirements:
• Taste nice and to be drank easily.
• Digest really easily and not cause any stomach/bowel problems
• Contain the correct ratio of the different types of required sugars. • Not contain any ingredients which don’t add any value during the exertion.
• Contain enough SODIUM-POTASSIUM-MAGNESIUM to aid the fluid intake of the body

HYDRA-MAX is a thirst-quencher that is widely loved because it meets all of these requirements.

Flavour: Lemon/Pineapple or Tropical Individual portions only in Lemon/Pineapple flavour
Package: Pot of 1kg or individual portions of 34.5g packed per 12

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Energy Drink

The difference between a thirst-quencher and an energy drink is exclusively found in the carbohydrate content. A thirst-quencher contains 40 to 80 grams of carbohydrates per litre, and an energy drink can contain 80 to 200 grams of carbohydrates per litre. An athlete can use up a maximum of 60 grams of carbohydrates from a drink every hour.
That’s why you should aim for a carbohydrate intake of 60 grams per hour. In warmer climates this can be done perfectly with a thirst-quencher. When you drink one litre every hour in the summer, you take in both the needed amount of fluids and the +/-60 grams of carbohydrates. When it’s colder, during winter, it’s pretty much impossible to drink 1 litre every hour. Therefore a thirst-quencher wouldn’t suffice to meet the required energy intake.

This is where an ENERGY DRINK is needed. Because of the high osmotic concentration of an energy drink it slows gastric emptying, and thus also slows the fluid intake. Therefore energy drinks are better suited when there is minimal fluid loss (like in colder weather). Furthermore, an energy drink can also be used to raise glycogen stocks in days leading up to a competition, better known as carbo-loading. An energy drink must also contain different sugars, the needed amount of electrolytes, but no vitamins or other additives (see HYDRA MAX). ENERGY DRINK MEETS ALL THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE PREFECT ENERGY DRINK.

Flavour: Lemon/Pineapple or Tropical Individual portions only in Lemon/Pineapple flavour
Package: Pot of 1kg or individual portions of 34g packed per 12

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Energy gel ratio 2:1

Just like in sports drinks the choice of the energy gel is very important. A good gel must meet some key requirements: • Taken very easily, without the need for water for intake. • Contain lots of electrolytes (SODIUM/ POTASSIUM/MAGNESIUM). • Contain the correct ratio of GLUCOSE / FRUCTOSE. It must be easy on the stomach and not cause gastro issues.

When de ratio of glucose-maltodextrin and fructose equals 2:1, then the energy output from exogenous sugars is much higher. That way we can improve our prestation with up to 8% versus using the regular glucose-maltodextrin gels. Our Energy Gel Ratio 2:1 has a nice taste and texture and won’t cause any stomach/ bowel problems, which is why our gel is so loved by endurance athletes.

Flavour: Green Lemon and Blackcurrant (cassis)
Package: Containers of 50g. 10 containers per box
Dosage: During physical activity 1 to 3 gels per hour. Max of 10 gels per day.

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Energy gel Orange + caffeine.jpg

Energy gel + caffeine ratio 2:1

Just like with a sports drink, the choice of the energy gel is very important. For example, a good gel should:
• Raft in without extra intake of water (which is usually not at hand in a competition)
• Contain many electrolytes (SODIUM / POTASSIUM / MAGNESIUM).
• Contain the correct ratio of GLUCOSE / FRUCTOSE.

When the ratio of glucose-maltodextrin to fructose is 2: 1, much more energy is released from exogenous sugars and we can improve the performance to 8% compared to the use of gels with glucose-maltodextrin only. Our Energy Gel Ratio 2: 1 has a pleasant taste and texture and gives you no gastrointestinal problems, which is why this gel is so popular with endurance athletes. Caffeine has, used in the right dose, a number of presentation-inducing characteristics:
• More adrenalin release.
• The pain threshold increases, you can go deeper.
• Increased calcium release, smoother muscle contraction.
• Improves the absorption of the sugars.
• Improved lung function.

Flavour: Orange
Package: Containers of 50g. 10 containers per box

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Energy bar goji berry.jpg

Goji Energy Bar

Especially during long, easy endurance training athletes like to nibble. GOJI Energy bar is the ideal energy bar in combination with the Hydra Max or Energy Drink and with the Energy Gel RATIO 2: 1. In this bar also the Ratio 2: 1 principle is applied so that no gastrointestinal problems arise and energy intake is increased. GOJI berries are known as a strong anti-oxidant. The bar is 35 g, just enough to fully eat during the effort. NO chocolate casing and no annoying crumbs that can end up in the airways while doing your training. Our Energy Bar contains very little fat, so the sugars are absorbed faster in the body.

Flavour: Goji berry
Package: 35g bars, 15 bars per box
Dosage: during physical activity 1 to 2 bars per hour

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